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Welcome to Truckhub!

We are the interface linking transporters with contract  holders and vice versa online.


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  • Transporters/Truck Owners - Find available  truck loads and advertised LOI's online.

Contract Holders/Shippers - We have a database of truck owners and different freight carriers available to transport your loads and offer effecient logistic solutions!

Truckhub strives to build direct communication between transporters and contract holders, while simaltaneously bridging the gap between the two parties. Freight moves the economy and we believe that we can bring transporters and contractors together online on a single portal of communication.






» Transnet goes local for express delivery. 

» Grindrod moots ‘much cheaper’ trains.

» Petrol Price to Increase in April. 

» Amplats considers shutting down mines. 

» Truck owners need more time for transit. 



Do you need a quote from different freight companies on the cost of moving your items/equipment?

We have a database of freight carriers seeking to move your loads at affordable prices.


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To all contract holders: You can now send us your loads. This will be posted directly on to our loadboard. Simply click on the link below.

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- Post your available trucks/vanslorry-icon

- View all submitted loads & trucks   documents-icon 

- Search posted loads & trucks          document-search-icon



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This website was designed as a tool to assist all transporters and contract holders interact effectively online. Please do make sure that you seek confirmation from the originating or authorising relevant parties before relying on any information. Please read the Terms of Use page.


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